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Worldwide Shipping Agency offers a variety of services to ship your cargo to international destinations in the most economical, the quickest and the most reliable way.

Air freight

Shipping goods on time, around the world as efficiently as possible, gives you an edge in today's business climate. We select carriers who are strategically suitable for your international shipping needs, depending upon destination.


Worldwide Shipping Agency is specialized in loading three or more autos, motorcycles, etc. into containers utilizing a ramp system. We can arrange pick up of your vehicles from any dealership or residence utilizing local or long distance licensed and bonded car carriers. We are also specialized in loading small boats (up to 7'6" or 2.38m beam) inside containers and can arrange pick up from virtually anywhere within the contiguous U.S.

FCL (Full Container Loads)

We are well known by major steamship lines due to our high volume of container shipments, and as such, are able to negotiate with these lines to offer the customer discount rates. Worldwide Shipping Agency can arrange container delivery within all 50 states for shipping to most international ports.

LCL (Less Than Container Loads)

Small shipments are no problem. Worldwide Shipping Agency can arrange pick up of smaller shipments and handle them in the same economical and expeditious manner that they would FCL shipments.


We offer Ro/Ro service from major U.S. ports to destinations world-wide. Ro/Ro vessels are designed with maximum flexibility to transport both rolling and non-rolling stock, including autos, boatsand heavy equipment.More...

Worldwide Shipping Agency (WSA) Worldwide Shipping Agency (WSA) Worldwide Shipping Agency (WSA)
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