Our International Cargo Shipping Services:
General Cargo and Freight

We offer international freight shipping any type of cargo, with pick up and delivery available. Small shipments are no problem. Ship your cargo via ocean or air, it's your choice. Ask us - we'll help! The Worldwide Shipping Agency can arrange pick up of smaller shipments and handle them in the same economical and expeditious manner that they would FCL shipments.

Worldwide Shipping Agency provides international container shipping for every product from our wide selection of standard and special containers. If you are not sure how to ship something - contact us, we can help you make that important decision.Here are the different types and sizes of international cargo containers used.

We promise to get your cargo to it's destination as quickly and economically as possible. Our multi-lingual sales staff will answerany questions that you may have, handle your move efficiently, and track it for you.

We can provide the overseas shipping services for all types of cargo that you may need. To get a free shipping quote, please fill out our online rate request form.

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